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Minky's Lash Extensions-Note: While these are the longest lasting lash extensions on the market, please be aware, the reason why they are is because the medical grade glue used is very strong.

This has been tried and tested by our specialist Beth Smith. During testing, she has found if you twist, play, aggressively rub or pull your lashes, your natural lashes can be pulled out prematurely. Please note the Minky's Lash Extensions do not make your lashes fall out, nor do they cause irritation. Aggressive rubbing, pulling, playing and twisting causes this to occur. In addition, you cannot use heavy oils or lotions, as these may cause softening and removal of the grade adhesion. We will not be liable nor give refunds for these incidents.

You MAY, rinse, swim, or shower in the lashes. You can also, lightly apply mascara to the tip ends , but not further back than 50% up the hair shaft. (because the mascara brush/wands will catch the end of the base of your Minky and pull it out.)

On some occasions, one's lashes itch, naturally, with or without extensions. The proper way to relieve this, is to wash your hands first, with antibacterial soap, pat dry, then use the fat pad of your index finger and brush under your lashes gently in an upward stroke. You may also, rub your tear duct, located at the inner corner closest to your nose, gently. Be nice to your Minky's and they will be nice to you and look fabulous!!